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Wooden Deck


Customer Testimonial


"We purchased our home part-way through its construction.  This made our home a “semi-custom” project for Black Rock, as we asked for a number of interior and exterior changes to the specs for the home.  Mark Sluder was amenable to most of these changes and they were carried out in a professional and quality manner.

 As this was our first experience with new builds, a number of times Mark and Lucas needed to educate us on the ins and outs of new construction and explain (patiently, I might add) how our concerns and questions could be managed.  We were able to review the finishes already planned or ordered and found them to be similar to or better than those we would have chosen ourselves.  As Emily Sluder is an interior designer, we worked with her to choose the finishes that had not already been finalized.

 Overall, working with Mark and Lucas was a great experience which Black Rock made easier with their expertise.   We were able to move in as planned and are extremely satisfied with the end results.   We recommend Black Rock Construction to anyone who wants to work directly with a family oriented builder who will create, together with you, the quality home you desire."

- Chuck and Kathryn Landau -


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