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Back in 2006, when trying to come up with the right name for their new construction company, one of the original founders and current President, Mark Sluder, couldn’t help but feel led to somehow pay homage to his Maternal Grandfather, Floyd C White. Mark and had literally grown up watching “Pop” work his calloused fingers to the bone every day. Born in the Chunns Cove Area of Asheville in 1928, in a 2 room “dirt floor” Cabin, that would house him and his 6 younger brothers, Floyd would drop out of school a few years after his Father died when he was only 9 years old. As the oldest, He needed to try and help provide for his family - at the ripe old age of 12. After falsifying his age to join the Coast Guard at 14 - Floyd would eventually be sent back home to figure out the rest of his life. So - he simply went to work.  Fast forward years later, after years of apprenticing and then acting as a foreman for his uncle’s sheet metal company  - He finally founded Floyd White Sheet Metal in the mid 1970’s, initially out of a barn, with its first actual  location being downtown on South Lexington Ave. He would later move to Banks Ave, which was its final and most recent location.  While growing up on the same property as his Granddad - Mark would often be at his grandparents house in the evenings when Pop would return home, dirty and tired. His famous saying was “it’s been a Bad day at Black Rock” referencing an old Spencer Tracy movie.  That always stuck with Mark, and as a kid, he had just assumed that was an actual place where all the tough old guys went to work all day.  Most days, Floyd would get home, eat a hot meal prepared by his wife of 66 years, Dottie, and then go back to work on a project around the house.  Even in retirement, Floyd sought out “jobs” to do, and once even Re-Roofed his entire house, with a simple extension ladder, hammer and nail, shingle-by m-shingle, at the ripe old age of 80.  At Black Rock Construction, our mantra is centered in that old school worth ethic, paired with the best local craftsman and solid building Science. Be it an investment property, Commercial Project, or your family’s Dream home, Your Mountain dream truly does begin at Black Rock!





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