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Wooden Deck

Hensley Residence

Customer Testimonial

Thank you for a beautiful home! Building a house is not easy, even when you are just the homeowners!  We have built a few houses in the past, so we braced ourselves.  What we learned was if we build again, we would have Mark and Kevin build our next home…And we have never said that before of any builder!  It is not easy to trust when you’ve had bad experiences in the past, but every time we started to question and then did our homework to compare, we learned Mark was being honest and fair and in most cases more than fair.  Additionally, our project manager, Kevin, was stellar!  The homebuilding industry should set the standard by Kevin’s work ethic and attitude.  The minute we saw a finished BRC home we could tell quality was important to Black Rock Construction. That didn’t change with our house—we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and our beautiful home overall!  Thank you Mark, Kevin and team!

-Steve & Mary Jo Hensley-


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